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Gerhard and Anais: Liefdesoorlog

Music Video Extra, I was channeling Kitty from Anna Karenina ;) 

International Talent Showcase

In association with Just You Artist and 

Model Management, as well as the ARTS


The Pen - Godfrey Manenye

A realism piece directed by Godfrey Manenye. The Pen takes audiences on a trip into the mind of young playwright, Sipho, in the throes of writing a new play. Affected by writer’s block, the playwright is drawn into a relationship with Thandi, his Muse. His girlfriend Pinky, innocently drawn into his tender reverie, suffers as she begins to understand the depths of his passion for Thandi.

The Job - A short film by Sune van Heerden

A short film I was featured in. Directed by the talented Sune van Heerden. PG13 LV "We're here to make rich people's boring lives more interesting." Do you accept the challenge?

Leemhuis - Liggies (music video)

Featured in a song by the band Leemhuis. Shot by Louis Heroldt, performed by the talented Janco Holtzhausen.